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Our school is a member of the International Association of Alternative Medicine (IAMA).
Alternative medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences

 Alternative Medicine for Naturopathy

It provides a challenging and creative learning environment with an intensive learning program focused on complementary and alternative approaches. Address complex health issues with complementary and alternative healthcare approach components such as improved access to health care, prevention of infectious diseases, impact on health policy, community health assessments, and epidemiology. .. The degree program works to improve the health and well-being of the people and provides personal fulfillment.


    This can be a subject for the Natural Medicine Doctor course.
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Distance Advanced Education 


Alternative Medicine for Naturopathy

Master Course Integrative Oncology online course.

Integrative Oncology

Recruitment of 10 people in 2024-25.

Alternative Medicine for Naturopathy

Alternative Medicine Functional Food Scientist

Go to the Master Online Course.

Recruitment of 10 people in 2024-25.


 Ph.D. Peter H Kay.
Professor Emeritus of our school
Career / Treatise Profile
Former The University of Western Australia. Specially Appointed Professor, Institute of Molecular Pathology, School of Medicine Founder, Faculty of Molecular Pathology, Faculty of Medicine

Ph.D. Danik Martirosyan Professor Emeritus of our school Director, Functional Food Research Center, United States

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