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Frequently Asked Questions

WONM Graduate University Asia Japan School

​Department of Natural Medical Therapy and Health Sciences

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Professional education institutions for adults (general public)
Certified Integrated Master Doctor Department of Naturopathy (Academic and Research)2024-25    
Total $683
Expected to accept 2-3 people per month

Integrated Master Doctor, Department of Naturopathy

Frequently Asked Questions

* It is not a Japanese university system. But we are here for you who want to learn anytime, anywhere. Anytime, anywhere, For you who want to learn Japan is now at a major crossroads. Everything causes institutional fatigue, and we are in an era where conventional values do not make sense, and we are just at the mercy of uncertainties about the future of the next era. In Japan, which deviates greatly from the needs of the world, Japan will be obsolete as it is. Encouraging the Japanese to think independently, we present a world-class 2000-year history of naturopathic education, regain the lost healthy society with us, restore your strength and self-confidence, and play an active role. We will support you to expand the stage.

Our association and schools operate in collaboration and alliances with overseas. Japan is a country very late since the WHO Declaration of Almaty in 1978 (liberation of primary care). Natural medicine is practiced in more than 130 countries around the world, mainly in Europe and the United States. Japan is centered on modern medicine (mainly artificially created allopathic medicine in the 19th century), but it is almost at its limit in the world. In the world, alternative medicine, including natural medicine, has become the majority. In Japan, 99% are currently in modern medicine. Since we are a UN NGO, we are a member of the board of directors of the EU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. I rarely see hospitals in Geneva, and I don't see ambulances. The clinic inside the United Nations is also a simple thing. The number of beds per 1000 people is 13.5 in Japan, but 2-3 in Europe and the United States. It is about 5 to 10 times. The world is open, Japan is a concealed constitution. The country is desperate to protect modern medicine. However, it is also progressing several steps in Asia. The legal system enacted in the Meiji era is not resistant to drastic changes such as FTAs ​​and TPPs (opening of the medical field, reduction and reorganization of hospitals, entry from public insurance to private insurance, etc.). In addition, the Japanese people are required to change in an era when travelers from all over the world come to Japan. Natural medicine that helps vulnerable people is indispensable. And the current situation in Japan is changing. Japan has an obligation and responsibility to comply with world standards.

WNF: Definition of the Global Natural Medicine Therapy Profession

We are official members of WNF (World Wide Fund for Nature). We do it on a global basis. WNF: Definition of Global Naturopathic Therapies This federation is an official member of WHO. Group registration is mainly done by individuals. From now on, we will continue to move forward by interacting with the countries of WNF's official members in Asia. There are a wide variety of natural medicine devices, supplements and therapies in the world. Private insurance is substantial. There are many experts. However, Japan is an underdeveloped country in this field, so there are many similar and different things. At WHO, Japan belongs to the Asia-Pacific region, so we will promote exchanges with Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Unfortunately, Japan has no foundation. It's better to quit the stupidity of jumping on a trunkless branch without proper standards.

How to learn this course (Study the wisdom of the real world for real.)

About doubts ・ Required English proficiency (whether all textbooks, lectures, reports, etc. are in English) Textbooks can be easily translated by Google Translate or DeepL Translator. Translation is tedious, but you will definitely gain knowledge of English and this recognition of natural medicine. Learning method of this course (Please study the real wisdom seriously.) In Japan, English is supplementary, so Japanese is OK. The textbook is in English, but we will provide a Japanese translation for those who wish. ・ Schedule for practical training and lectures Since it is different from conventional medical treatment, it is a therapy that cures the natural healing power and the cause, so it treats the hidden cause instead of the symptomatic treatment. Daily dietary content and lifestyle (including work) are all within the scope of natural medicine. There are foods as well as vitamins and minerals as well as supplements. I would like to give a lot of lectures, but most of them are new to natural medicine, so it causes confusion. Therefore, I will explain it in the specialized course on the Internet. Also, it will be uploaded to Youtube etc. Upon graduation, we will provide a database for symptomatology search and prescription support. If you translate the textbook, you will find out what is lacking for the client (patient in Japan).

The training is about the relationship with the client (patient in Japan)
Your daily relationships are sufficient. Symptomatology consultation, lifestyle and improvement suggestions, follow-up.
If you have the ability to communicate with acquaintances, we can handle it. There are some drainage and detox products that are not available in Japan, so we will propose alternative products.

Clinical training excludes blood sampling, intravenous drip, and bowel irrigation performed in other countries as they are medical practices. Therefore, the interview training will take into account each person's experience.

In Japan's medical system, the apprenticeship system, peer pressure, and authoritarianism in the hierarchy still dominate, and it has become a black company dominated by the public insurance balance and power harassment is rampant. Japanese-style medical management is shunned from overseas as well. We do not have such a system in the first place, and we emphasize developing the free creativity to act on our own.

・ What kind of occupations are active among graduates? Although it is still in the future, doctors are also very interested in this field and are studying in their own way, so they need specialists. It is conceivable to establish an independent clinic, anti-aging, spa and other natural care clinics, or a Japanese version of natural remedies clinics that are already being established in various places. The situation in Europe, America and Japan is different, so In Japan, allopathy (symptomatic treatment) of modern medicine is the main, but from now on, we are thinking of incorporating natural medicine into the clinic of modern medicine. It is expected to play an active role as a natural medicine advisor and consultant. In addition, if awareness rises, lectures such as community health seminars will definitely be necessary. Currently, there are not many specialists in natural medicine, so we are working hard to improve our training. Currently, a variety of human resources such as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, therapists, freelancers, housewives, office ladies, and foreigners are studying. I am studying at my own pace. There is no exam for each unit, but please do the exercises at the end of each unit. The answer is at the end. You are required to submit a report at the time of graduation.

It's a little tight, but we're developing it so that everyone can graduate. There is no point in rote memorization or catching problems like in Japanese education. It is important to think for yourself. That leads to acknowledging the client.


The curriculum is as follows.

Distance learning

1.Always mobile paperless textbook (regardless of location)

2.Google Suite special course classroom

3.Japan Natural Medical Society Youtube Channel

4.Special Graduation Gift
Natural Medicine Symptom Response System (Treatment Guidelines: Symptoms and Diseases) provides about 500 digital contents in File Maker Pro Cloud, and can respond quickly with THE HELPING RELATIONSHIP: Relief Relationship and Natural Medicine Symptom Response Simtem for the AI era. Available in English and Japanese.
The world's first natural medicine symptom and the diagnosis response systemVr.3
Prepared by Chairman of the Board

Translated with (free version)

We comply with the WHO recommended 1500+ hours of natural medicine therapy education.

WNF: Definition of the Global Natural Medicine Therapy Profession

Includes content from the Natural Medicine Doctor Course

Education Hours for the WNF Global Natural Medicine Therapy Profession

・At least 1500 hours as recommended by WHO

・Naturopaths and naturopaths usually have at least 2000 hours (800 hours of clinical practice).

・Naturopaths and naturopaths usually have at least 2000 hours (with at least 800 hours of clinical practice).


Four of our courses include the textbooks used in the doctor's course (which usually includes the equivalent of 600 hours).

Our school usually has more than 3300 hours of education (800-1000 hours of clinical training is excluded because blood collection, intravenous fluids, and intestinal lavage, which are performed in other countries, are considered medical practices. Alternatives are possible. (Interview practice will be based on individual experience.) This includes the following

Translated with (free version)

With additional study

A minimum of three specialized research courses is required to exceed 4300 hours of natural medicine therapy.

Continuing education to become a Doctor of Natural Medicine.

Bookbinding and Education Schedule

Leave the first year and the second year distribution and switch to the distribution at any time.

①Health Education: Health Education (Basic of Natural Medicine)

②Olgotherapy: Healing therapy

③Regenerative Cure: Replacement therapy

④Orthomolecular Approach: Biomolecular approach


㋐From Health Education (Natural Medicine Basics): youtube

㋑ Medical History: youtube

㋒ Anti-aging: youtube


⑤Vitamins and Minerals & Trace Elements: vitamins, minerals and trace elements


⑦FOUNDATIONS OF MODERN PHYTOTHERAPY (Includes phytoseraphy, Ayurvedic herbal remedies, Gemmotheraphy): Achievements of modern phytotherapy

Comprehensive measures for drainage, detoxification, deficient nutritional components, etc. for deeper learning: It is possible in a specialized course in the academic research subject of the natural medicine doctor course.

From simple reference diagnosis to countermeasure proposal 123 (Clinical Case Study)

Reference: ⑧Metabolism and Nutrition: Metabolism and Nutrition

Reference ⑨ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES; Danger of electromagnetic waves

Reference⑩BODILY APPROACHES: Bath Therapy (Hydrotherapy) & Swedish Massage





⑫Specialized course: Google suite will be used 

Distribution: Guide

①Internship overview: Preparation for submitting a graduation case report

②Case study 1: Canadian

③Case study 2: American

Reference: ④Business management in Canada

5⃣ Macrobiome


Graduation and certification

(Case Symptom / Treatment Measure Search Data Management)

Tuition fees, etc. (will be calculated by donating)

We will continue to discount the current status in consideration of the consumption tax.

Total 100,000 yen (including expenses)

Contents: Tuition, admission fee, etc .: Total 100,000 yen (11 required courses + 6 reference courses ∔ reference materials 18 courses in total)

 Split / discount consultation available

We present natural medicine (case symptom, treatment measures search data management)

* Foreign exchange and non-profit business tax-exempt items

Dividable: Regular type: 10,000 yen 10 times or 5,000 yen 20 times

(In addition, if you have special circumstances, we will consider greatly reducing the tuition fee.)


Applications until the end of 2024-25 will be 50,000 yen.

Frequently Asked Questions


Application for admission

① address, ② name, ③ contact information (email required, if there is a spare),
④Emergency contact information (phone, etc.).
⑤Other: Exemption, lump sum, installment payment. Payment Method.

Described here



UN NGO (Non-Profit General Incorporated Association) International Career Support Association and Japan Natural Medicine  Society

Japan Consultancy Corp.

Representative Director and Chairman

Member of the United Nations Agenda 2030 Project PCP team. CONGOJACE Officer, Church Center, United Nations Headquarters

Doctor of Science (US), Doctor of Natural Medicine (Canada), Doctor of Alternative Medicine (India), Master of Bioscience (USA), MBA Master of Business Administration (USA), WONM Asia University Professor Volunteer Professor (China, Taiwan, Professor of Malaysia, Singapore, Japan School and President) University Of People Former volunteer part-time lecturer, medical university, nursing college part-time lecturer. Former clinical laboratory technician and clinical engineer. Management and human resource development consulting company Previous position and current position.
Researcher specialized in overseas media such as natural medicine

After the successful isolation of a new type of microorganism at a university hospital in the Showa era, he was involved in private emergency medicine and was involved in the spread of hospital start-ups (3 cases), hospital M&A, drug discovery clinical trials, and transplantation medicine. About Japan in the 21st Century: Internationalization, personnel mobility, and medical diversification. Therefore, we have accumulated knowledge and experience from the bottom (including human resource development).

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