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By Dr. Peter H Kay.

In the past, I established the first Molecular Pathology laboratory in the University of Western Australia. For many years, I carried out world-class research and launched the careers of many excellent research scientists. My students and I published over 80 papers in prestigious scientific outlets. This course has been developed from my experiences during those many years of scientific pursuit to help others to enjoy a successful and professional research career.
Although these experiences are based on health-related studies, they are applicable to all fields of scientific pursuit.
The award of a higher post-graduate degree such as a Doctorate is usually a pre-requisite for the position of a professional researcher. This course therefore includes reference to important considerations that must be taken into account to optimise success because the candidate’s research project may involve many years of diligent work. These important considerations include advice on how to select the most appropriate supervisor for your project. Student/supervisor compatibility is most important. The course also includes important guidelines on how to carry out a research project.
It is of vital importance that the student’s project is built on sound and reliable evidence. Because, as much as half of published information may be flawed, this course teaches the participant how to determine the validity and significance of information on which future research efforts can be reliably founded.
This course also teaches the ethics of academia, important aspects to be aware of by all investigators.
I also offer a tutoring/mentoring service.

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